UPcycle Design Leather Clutch Handbag “Peace”


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Leather Clutch Handbag with Peace Sign

leather clutch bag peace sign upcycle designs-the remix vintage fashionA peace sign accents a brilliant leather clutch handbag. Hand painted in blue, magenta and purple, the handbag evolves past the conventional basic leather 70s clutch.

UPcycled with high quality rhinestone roping from the 60s, the bag is lined in gold satin with clever inside pocket. An iconic 60s peace pendant hangs from its zipper making it a true expression of COOL. Flower Power beads and crystals accompany it to express utmost FUN.

The purse measures 8″ X 12″.  The zipper ornamentation hangs 6″. The pendant measures 2 3/4″ around. The genuine leather clutch sports pockets on the front and back. Rhinestones top the openings.

UPcycle Designs

UPlifting. UPdated. The choice is now UP to you.

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 1 in


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