Purses define a woman!

Purses reflect the social and cultural attitude of the era. Handbags from the turn of the century through the 90s are honored as part of our collection.

Most important, flapper purses stand out as quintessential art. Colorful beading and intricate filigree metal work exemplify the roaring twenties. The relaxed design of these bags mirror the easy 20s culture that wanted to play hard.

50s handbags represented a more poised culture. Hence, the styles conveyed the era’s dignity and class. Consequently, boxed styles with gorgeous handle designs in lucite and bakelite are standard to this era. You feel the dignity when you carry one of these styles.

60s purses characterize the dynamic shift in the culture. You can feel the style restraints being let loose! Hobo bags, macrame shoulder bags were icons of this era that flowed into the turbulent 70s.

The 80s clutch mirrored art deco styles. Popularly designed in abstract shapes and opulent metallic leathers, they represent the boldness and confidence of this era.

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