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Decade Fashion Trends 20s through 90s!

Art Deco

Classy, Flirty, Hippy, Revolutionary! Art Deco inspired a century of fashion. Edwardian to Flapper through the 40s, this collection of clothing, accessories and jewelry projects the dynamic  ART DECO era. Don't miss it!

The 50s

Stunning. Velvet dictates the mood. Hollywood gives it the stage. Gorgeous cocktail dresses, rhinestone costume jewelry and beautifully crafted purses. 50s optimism translates into optimum BEAUTY.

The 60s

Freedom! This groovy generation was open and FREE. Conventional hemlines moved up. The empire waist was rediscovered. Mini skirts & mod attitudes made the 60s Cool and Slick. Peace out!

The 70s

POLYESTER POWER! Maxi dresses, boho bags, powerful paisley prints all came out of this dramatic decade. It was Disco dancing. Saturday Night Fever! Bohemian, bandeaus, bequiling and full of energy!

The 80s

GIRLS MEET GLAM! Bold and Confident. Big shoulders, bold geometric shapes and blingy diamante jewelry celebrated a culture ready to rock. And how we did. Devo to Thriller! Punk. Pop. It was all Perfect.

The 90s

Casual and Honest. Trends from this decade said "Let's relax a little". Everything toned down and got real. The Seattle scene took over music and fashion. The birth of Casual Fridays. Get real with the 90s!