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Sliptique transforms vintage lingerie, apparel and accessories into Artisanal Fashion. Craft techniques of hand-dyeing, painting and stitching revamp timeworn garments. The artists use carefully selected vintage garments and trim to embellish each revamped garment. As a result, each item transforms into one-of-a-kind bespoke vintage. Most of all, these garments and trims reflect years of dedicated collecting and treasure hunting. This collection comes full circle in fulfilling creative process and purpose.

Sliptique follows the principled belief in repurpose and recycle. Due to years of fast fashion, excess product harms our environment. By utilizing existing material, their designs curb harmful fashion overproduction. As a result, Artisanal Fashion by Sliptique upholds the responsibility and ethics of the sustainable fashion industry. They believe items become found to be awakened by the finder.Their mindful approach to design reveals itself in the detailed beauty of the collection.

Process, Transformation and Resourcefulness in Life and Art allow all things to come full circle.