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A Mindful and Meaningful Approach to Fashion

Move Towards a Sustainable Future

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Change isn’t just in the air. It’s in our face.

We are confronted by serious change in our time and it’s scary.

Nothing is more vulnerable than the fashion retail industry.

A more mindful and meaningful approach to fashion rescues it from its future uncertainty. If we follow a mindful and meaningful method, it will lead to a sustainable fashion economy.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a movement that fosters change in the fashion industry toward a more ethical and responsible ecological system. The movement is broad and expansive.

For years, conscious clothiers have revolted against the senseless and unethical practices within the industry. These practices span from harm to the environment to unethical labor practices. The conscious-minded in fashion have demanded more just practices.

All of us can do our part.

As consumers, we can embrace this movement by adopting a new shopping behavior. One governed by a more mindful approach to How we shop, Who we shop with and What we wear.

For me, I am applying a meditation practice to the solution.

Mindful and Meaningful Fashion

It's Eco-Conscious

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1/Mindful means conscious.

We have become conscious of our commonality and how our choices affect each other and the planet. Pollution from fashion overproduction harms the planet. Adopting alternative methods to shopping will decrease production and relieve the senseless harm to our planet.

Shop second hand. Thrift shop. Buy Wearable art. Support producers that are ethical and responsible.  Online shopping will takeover much of our conventional shopping practices. Try online hubspots like ETSY and Poshmark. They support artisans, vintage shoppers and pre-loved clothiers.

2/Mindful means gratitude.

We are aware of what we own and become grateful for what we have. Fast fashion made it easy to fill your shopping bags and closets. We became garment gluttons by over- shopping and over-owning. We lost our sensitivity.

With consciousness and gratitude, we can ask ourselves how much do we need? And when we do, let’s Donate. Repurpose. Restore. Barter.

Vintage Jewelry Brings Joy

3/Mindful means enthusiastic.

Be joyful. Surround yourself with what brings you joy. Material things aren’t bad. It is just our attachment to them. Be mindful of the difference. Love who you are and how you look. Bring your inner joy out through self- expression. Things like jewelry and accessories are fun. There is nothing like spreading joy with a little sparkle.

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If you haven't already, forage through your mother's vintage jewelry. You'll find some gems that will surely stand out. Be enthusiastic of the beauty that is already here.

4/Meaningful means discernment. This is when you get to become the editor of your world.  These are the questions I ask myself when I shop or edit down my closet.

Now, let’s talk UPcycle!

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What is useful?  Follow the principles of Upcycle.  Embellishments, trims, buttons, luxury fibers, unique closures and fasteners are keepers. Purchasing these detailed items are pricey and difficult. Let's use what we have around us. Awareness is key. For example, we can enliven old apparel with  exquisite vintage buttons. You won't regret saving them.

What is worthy? Quality, luxury fabrics like cashmere, silk and velvet are keepers to me. Think about what has served you well. What you can throw on in a pinch. Little Black dresses are always worthy. For me, iconic decade pieces or good designer are keepers.

What is expressive? Self-expression is an important part of our emotional world. Commonality, yes, but individuality is important too. Fashion is a prime way to express your individuality. Look for color and texture to give you your personal signature. Become a work of art!

The Importance of Artisanal Fashion

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Watch for Artisanal fashion to take center stage. Hand-crafted products will regain its integrity and return to the spotlight.

The slick and quick production of goods made us turn our cheek to handmade. We lost the sensitivity to value craft traditions. The mindful awareness of the beauty that lives inside us and around us will foster a sustainable economy leaning toward art, justice and human empathy.

Let’s trust this moment and embrace this change. It will make us more sensitive to the needs of each other, our selves and the planet. It will be a look that is good for everybody.

In my next blog, I will investigate how artisanal fashion and vintage clothing come together in an exciting and bold way.

Process, Transformation and Resourcefulness in Life and Art allow all things to come full circle.

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