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Necktie Skirts with School Girl Attitude

Necktie Skirts & the Popular Mens Accessory

Skinny ties, fat ties, power ties, zoot suit ties, madmen ties find themselves partners in fashionable necktie skirts.  We know that neckties are the most popular mens accessory. What we may not know is ties have adorned mens necklines with luxury fabrics and haberdashery patterns since the 17th century.

There are many of these fabric slices to choose from in thrift stores and collecting dust in the back of closets.

Hippy done right

Clever 60s fashionistas repurposed these ties to create eye catching skirts. A necktie skirt from this era separated hippy wear from the conventional same ol’ -same ol’.  We honor these visionaries by styling this vintage find with a sweet, school girl attitude. The necktie skirt, made from 17 ties, hits right at the knee suitable for work, party or school.  Shown with a sassy studded beret, 60s mod velveteen vest and, a designer St. John Zip front Cardigan, the skirt can be worn with a swanky tie or without.


Today, making beautiful garments out of existing material is serious business. Upcycling saves the planet from the damaging effect of textile production on our environment. The modern hipster insists fashion just isn’t fashion unless it’s creative and responsible. So the necktie skirt was ahead of its time. You don't have to think twice to make or wear one of these.

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