Revamped Gloves

long formal gloves elbow pink flowers-the remix vintage fashionRevamped Gloves And Sustainable Fashion

The Sliptique collection of Revamped Gloves transforms and refashions vintage gloves. In both cloth and leather, gloves come in a variety of styles and lengths. Elbow gloves, driving gloves, evening gloves, opera gloves and day gloves combine to create our revamped collection.

Art techniques of painting, dyeing and assemblage transform the ordinary glove into a collection of extraordinary accessories. Checkout our abstract and flower patterns. In addition, bespoke vintage beads, bobbles, lace and textiles embellish our refashioned gloves using the technique of assemblage. Not only semi precious stones like pearls, onyx and amethysts, but also vintage buttons transform our creations.

Sustainability drives our process.  Due to needless fashion overproduction , our environment has become toxic and our labor practices unethical. We hope to join other responsible designers to create an economy that is ethical to both planet earth and its population.

Time worn vintage accessories and apparel become the perfect tools for this new economy. Most of all, the creative process is fun! Vintage collectors and enthusiasts come together to share enthusiasm and compassion.  An ethical fashion economy is born.

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