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Artisanal Fashion Revamps Vintage Clothing

The Transformational Power of Art

“A beautiful body perishes, a work of art dies not.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Upcycle Couture "Shrug Jacket Tailcoat" uses mixed textile from around the world.


Artisanal fashion combines the transformative power of art with the authenticity of vintage clothing to create a new and sustainable fashion style.

The combination is explosive.

The Authenticity of Vintage Clothing

Those that adore vintage clothing know the 'Je ne sais quoi ' feeling of wearing authentic vintage. It exudes a style indescribable and magnetic. If you are like me, you even love to collect pieces that are not quite in wearable condition. They remain tucked away in a drawer or closet waiting for that rainy day.  Seems like now is the time to pull out those items and revamp.

So, here are the three most popular methods to revamp your timeworn vintage apparel.

 Artisanal Techniques

sliptique upcycled transformed vintage apparel-the remix vintage fashion1/First on the list is fabric painting. Fine artistry awakens vintage garments with hand dyeing, painting and illustration. Water based dyes and natural dyes are used in this process. Watch for textile to become the new canvas.


2/ Another technique is assemblage. Assemblage artists gather jewelry, beading and textile components to create bespoke jewelry and accessories. In addition, they follow the principles of synthetic cubism. While collage is flat, assemblage builds out three dimensionally for dramatic results. Belt by @Studio.Anastasia.Mcneal


shrug jacket upcycle artisanal fashion-the remix vintage fashion3/ Finally, sewing skills emerge to reconstruct and restore timeworn garments. Seamstresses reveal the sensitivity and precision lost in years of fast fashion. They bring beading, applique and hand stitchery back in the spotlight. Watch for crewel and embroidery stitchery to smarten basic textile.

A Bright Sustainable Future

As a result of the fashion slow down, we become more mindful of what is meaningful in our life and style.  It shows in brilliant and individualized wearable art.

crochet circle skirt-the remix vintage fashion
Vintage crochet tableskirt combines with Balasian ceremonial textiles to create dramatic full circle skirt.


So, let's breathe in this creative mind shift. It will promote individuality and a deeper sense of beauty. And, it will reflect in the way we live and look.

Begin to search #ArtisanalFashion.

Most of all, please support artists in your community.

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