The Remix’s Upcycled Art Heralds a New Economy

Welcome To Conscious Living

What we buy, reflects who we are. How we buy, determines our future. Upcycled Art supports a bright economic future working with and not against nature.

Welcome to the world of living more consciously.

This article offers consumers products that align with more mindful buying habits that foster awareness to the needs of our planet while exercising creativity and resourcefulness.

First, let's speak history and where we have been as consumers. The Industrial Revolution of the 20th century ushered in an age of unprecedented innovation and production. Its great reward?  The ease and expediency of buying what we want when we want it.

Simply put, the rise of industrialism put everything at our fingertips.

At its best, this consumer age has been empowering and filling. It put us at the top of innovation. It fashioned and fitted our modern world. Intoxicating, robust and relentless, the modern supply and demand system gave every person the consumer power to purchase and purchase away.

With this apparent superpower, however,  we have created an economic system that has filled our landfills with unfathomable waste creating inexhaustible demands on our planet. It has become over consumerism, and, it positions to consume us and the health of our planet.

What is an alternative?

The Rise of Upcycling

Upcycling takes those things already here and transforms them into something new. We call our product Upcycled Art.

The Remix Upcycled Furniture and Fashion revamps and transforms secondhand furniture and fashion into product that satisfies the conscious consumer and heralds a new economic frontier.

In its first year of business, it has based their inventory on four classifications that energize creativity, enhance our lives and support healthy conscious living.

Sensible Upcycled Art Products


1/ Glassware: Did you know that it takes up to 1 million years for glass to breakdown in our environment and landfills? The Remix production team captures refuse glass before it goes to the landfill and creates luxury glassware filling the need for fresh and exciting product. The Remix specializes in wine glasses, flutes and everyday drinking glasses as well as decorative vases and bowls. All of the items shown below were found in thrift shops and trash locations. Conscious Consumer Tip: Consider using the glassware already here to create a luxury look without resorting to new production.



2/ Furniture: Furniture is one of the most destructive items in landfills based mostly on the synthetic foam batting. Called in the recycle industry as "f-waste", up to 80.2% of today's new furniture ends up in landfills. Finding solid and reusable furniture has been a wonderful opportunity to enact repurposing and upcycling. We paint wood furniture and have expanded to painting upholstered furniture too.  Upholstery holds paint like a canvas. Found items like old frames turn into mirrors. Lampshades with clever colorizing and whimsical design transform into an exciting lighting industry. Conscious Consumer Tip: Consider painting and repurposing old furniture. It will add color and expression to home decor.

Vintage Textiles

3/Vintage Textiles: The textile industry is by far the most destructive force harming our environment. Up to 85% of unowned clothing ends up dumped in landfills or burned. The Remix Upcycled Furniture and Fashion launches its own line of hand painted and hand dyed fashion utilizing vintage linens and cotton to make lively kimonos and caftans. It is called Sliptique and its inventory is comprised of vintage lingerie and textiles. Conscious Consumer Tip: Consider revamping or reconstructing clothing already here to create a look new and planet healthy.

Secondhand Clothing

4/Secondhand Clothing: The secondhand clothing market has been on the forefront of the fashion market from its inception in the 90s. The expense of luxury designer lines forced consumers to rethink buying new. Why not slightly worn? The biggest problem with old clothing is that much of it cannot be burned because it is made of synthetics, plastic. So, enter the infamous 70s! We at The Remix try hard to refashion and reuse vintage synthetics especially nylon vintage slips. ! So please reuse and reuse those famous duds. Conscious Consumer Tip: Learn decade fashion. Vintage fashion is by far our greatest enthusiasm in this genre and captures the delight of young and old.

Creativity Heals

Shifting toward sustainable alternatives inspires and heals both the consumer and our environment. Becoming mindful of our consumer choices gives us a chance to exercise our creativity at the same time supporting the needs of our planet.

Help us become aware and inspire mindful consumer behavior. Live more consciously. Shift toward resourcefulness and creativity.

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