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Curious About Sequins?

Sequins Adorn Everything

sequins-the remix vintage fashionNo matter what you do this holiday, you cannot avoid an encounter with this shiny object. They adorn everything. Purses. Party Dresses. Parasols. So many sequins! So what is a sequin anyway and where did this brilliant party companion come from?

Well, it appears they are directly connected to cash. From its Turkish Italian French etymological origins, zecca (Italian), sikkah (Arabic), sequin (French) all refer back to money. Maybe makes sense. Probably common sense because it’s been the fashion choice for almost everyone for every type of celebration. And what most to celebrate?  Prosperity.  Hence, its iconic connection to ‘auld lang syne’ times long past.

Sequins Go Way Back

sequins-the remix vintage fashion
1926 Fashion - Beautiful beaded dress features an ancient Egyptian style From the US Library of Congress | Source

Even as far back as Egyptian lure, round shiny metals were sewn onto mummies’ clothing so they had jingles in the afterlife. Therefore, your grandmother wasn’t entirely off her rocker when she sewed a dime onto your clothing in case you needed to call home.  She was just thinking ahead like cautious pharoahs before her.

sequins-the remix vintage fashion
80s Lets Fashion Prom Dress

In the 1920s sequins were made from metal. Consequently, flappers shimmied poundage of clanking metal to celebrate their decade. Now that’s dedication! It’s no surprise that the synthetic revolution of the 20th century offered synthetic alternatives. From gelatin to acetate, 80s glam rockers finally punked out with the best sequin technology could buy.  Mylar plastic discs that we shimmy with today.

Auld Lang Syne

Seems like you may encounter a need for this shiny saucer this holiday. So regardless of your decade preference, clang in the New Year with fashion’s iconic energy source. Create some sparks! You are in centuries of company.

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FEAUTURED Gold Sequin Disco Knit Hat

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