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Mexican Vintage: Four Favorites to Collect

Mexican Vintage Fashion and Folk Culture

Mexico influences vintage fashion with four stand outs. My personal favorites are: 1/The Guayabera 2/ Copper jewelry 3/ Tooled leather goods 4/ Oaxaca embroidery Here's a bit about them and the features that make me love them!


The Guayabera

Guayabera Camps Copacabana Shirt

Referred to as the wedding shirt or the Cuban shirt, guayaberas reflect the romance of Latin American style. Made from linen and cotton, they project Caribbean class in cool simplicity. Popular in Cuba, the slim, front, cigar pocket replaces standard chest pocket to accommodate Cuban social life Havana style. Its popularity rules in Mexico too! The 'Camisa de Yucatan' mantles as Mexico's summer shirt. Offered in many colors and variations, labels like Cubavera dominate the Mexican vintage market. While made for men, women wear them too. In addition, other cultures honor the attire. mexican vintage barong guayabera- the remix vintage fashionIn the Phillipines, the barong is considered their national dress. Its beauty rivals its Cuban and Mexican counterparts with its unique fiber source pineapple husk.  Favorite features: embroidery, cigar pockets, colors, classy fabrics

Mexican Copper Jewelry

Mexico Mid Century collar Quetzacoatl mixed metals-the remix vintage fashion
Mexico Mid Century Collar Quetzacoatl Mixed Metals

copper jewelry-the remix vintage fashion
Mexico Mid Century Collar Quetzacoatl

Hammered copper cuff bracelets and bib necklaces demonstrate the power and confidence of Mexican culture.  Silver and brass partner with copper to create multi metal designs.  Stones like amethyst, turquoise, garnet and onyx layer onto copper to further demonstrate the metal's creative dynamism. In addition, tribal toltec symbols and idol masks popularize brooches, bangles and necklaces giving it its unique Yucatan flare. Dynamic copper work with its stones and metals convey Mexico's deep connection to the earth and their tribal tradition. Watch for the Taxco or Mexico stamp. Favorite features: patina, hammered finishes, carved gems, onyx

Mexican Tooled Leather

mexican vintage tooled leather saddle-the remix vintage fashion The steep history of Mexican saddle making traces back to the Spaniards and Moors. With learned carving and dying techniques, Mexico commands the ancient craft of raised flower stamp, the "sheridan style".  Tooled handbags, boots, wallets and belts populated the 60s and 70s expressing the decade's flirtation with the vaquero. Without question, Mexican vintage made hippy happen and tooled leather led the way!  Favorite features: durability, metal accents, thick heavy leather

Oaxaca Embroidery

mexican vintage frida kahlo oaxacan embroidery textiles-the remix vintage fashionBright, colorful floral embroidery reflects the ancient Oaxacan textile tradition. The iconic style of legendary Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo  memorialized these handmade textiles and inspired a generation. With bright big flowers, the peasant top and circle skirt became standard dress for hippys seeking comfort and style in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

mexican vintage frida kahlo oaxacan embroidery textiles-the remix vintage fashion
Photo courtesy of Terence Nelder

The ancient Oaxacan tradition as well as the inspirational fashion of Frida Kahlo last even into today.  Favorite features: bright colors, handmade, ruffles & tassels

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  1. Great article. searching out the authentic hand crafted articles is getting harder and harder…nowadays knock off designs coming in from India and China.

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