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UPtitude: Awaken The Inner Goddess

"Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart."

- Kahlil Gibran

The greatest source of empowerment lies deep within.

uptitude awaken the inner goddess-the remix vintage fashion


It is called the Divine Feminine Essence or The Inner Goddess.

For us, it signifies the glorious awakening of the fire that burns within us the source of all creative thought and action. Fashion modeled by Katya Amanae Napzok becomes the vehicle for this discovery.

inner goddess upcycle design-the remix vintage fashionIn a recent photo shoot, we were tasked to shoot several pieces of elegant attire and accessories including a spirit wand. We settled into a garden. While the statue of Madonna quietly stood watch, the model held the Spirit Wand in her gloved hand. Like a torch to the divine, the wand revealed the sensual and the sacred together. And the divine feminine spark that embraces all beauty was lit. The Inner Goddess was revealed.



Martina artist and creator of the spirit wand shares how she came to create her unique art form.

awaken inner goddess-the remix vintage fashion
"Baja California peninsula is a stunning landscape and pristine waters. These are stories of life and the people who live here."

"My art grew out of my love of nature at a very young age and mid-life a serendipity encounter with a Toltec Indian who’s beading I admired.

I collected what nature provided. uptitude awaken inner goddess-the remix vintage fashionFeathers were gifted from the flying ones, drift woods came from the sea and the rivers, semiprecious gem stones or cast off fashion jewelry provided sparks and glitter and sometimes an animal left behind its bones. All of these were enough to create a unique art form, which I call Spirit Wands.

uptitude awaken inner goddess-the remix vintage fashionThis wand has a vintage look. The Shaft is the wing bone of the pelican, the plume is from the great Ostrich. Fine seed beading at the base holds a smoky quartz crystal of beautiful clarity. This wand honors the empathic women who feels deeply, are sensitive to others energies and are often healers. The feather is the gentlest of energy when brushed over the body, while the smoky quartz at the bottom grounds the holder and transmutes the harshness."

The spirit wand represents the divine journey of birth and re-birth embodied in the feminine spirit. As a result of its purpose and power, the  Spirit Wand The Empath is part of our UPcycle Design collection.


Martina is an author, artist and spiritual guide who resides in Baja California best known as the Baja StoryTeller.

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