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80s Fashion: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

80s fashion vintage lingerie-the remix vintage fashionFor 80s girls, Cyndi Lauper was a pop culture legend. Attracted to her quirky flamboyance, teens identified with her edgy style.

Most amazing was how she powered a big look with her tiny petite frame. No longer was fashion just for the tall and glamorous.  With orange spiky hair she questioned status quo fashion and, in so doing, generated a whole new style that included many outside the loop.

This new style -- full of flamboyance, flounce and flirtation-- pushed the limits.  What we once viewed as a hidden undergarment. Lingerie became center stage.

Sweetheart necklines reflected the bustier. Bodices became embellished with beads and stitching. Straps showed. Crinolines layered 2 and 3 times. All this to push the limits of what was now the in style.80s fashion cyndi lauper-the remix vintage fashion

Tulle netting  gave the 80s edge. Not found hidden any more layers of textures, metals and color excited a generation. They used the flamboyance to emerge from the earthy tonality of bohemian woodstockers.

The 80s cleverly synthesized the romance of 50s pinup with the energy of 70s disco to make an irascible style. By far accessories blazed the runways. Gloves, chains, pearls, rhinestones went on and on.

It is a generation with a style that has been remembered fondly for its energy and confidence. All because Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

And today we still are. Thank you 80s.


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