20s Jet Long Flapper Necklace


Jet is a highly fashionable gemstone that carries much historical relevance. Deeply connected to grief and mourning, jet expressed a deep sense of solemnity and with it a dignified grace.

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20s Jet carries much relevance to fashion history.

Deeply connected to grief and mourning, 20s jet expressed a deep sense of solemnity and with it a dignified grace. Made from fossilized coal, it derives from wood which why it is so light and easy to carve.

This 20s jet necklace comprises a long strand of individual stones. The variance of size and shape of the stones dignifies it as unique. Perfectly symmetrical, round beads graduate from small at the top to larger at the bottom. Stunning bead shapes like a tear drop adorn the necklace as well as fashionable carved cubes. The string has stretched one inch (pic) and that is the only flaw. The necklace measures 62″ around and makes a stunning statement to any outfit.

EXCELLENT condition.

“The height of the Victorian period of mourning reached its climax in 1861, when Prince Albert passed away after only 21 years of marriage to Queen Victoria of England. The heartbroken Queen was devastated that her beloved Albert would no longer be by her side, and fell into a period of mourning that would last til her own dying day in 1901. Her grief was so overwhelming that the Queen declared that her court also wear mourning attire for the next three years and that only jet jewelry was to be worn at court for the first year. The United States also adopted the mourning fashions and customs as may were perishing in the Civil War.” Read more about jet.



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