France Blue Beaded Purse Art Deco


“Made in France” is a symbol of quality in beading. A  guarantee of both style and craftsmanship. ART DECO.

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The best beaded purses are made in France.  This dark blue purse is no exception.  Swirls of seed beads perfectly sewn in regal patterns of braids and leaf motifs are stunning representations of the quality and craftsmanship of French beading.  A top spring flap measuring a slight 1 1/4″ at its widest secures a 7 3/4″ tall by 9″ wide purse.  The handle is beaded and it measures 13″.  The inside lining is a bone satin and has two pockets, one holding a double-sided mirror.  Of course, the “Made in France” label is proudly sewn on the other pocket.  There is an adhesive mark on the inside due to a piece of masking tape and the lining shows gentle wear.  The beads are secure with minor loose threads.  Amazing how these purses hold up over time!  Very good condition.

Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2 in


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