70s fashion rages with revolution.

70s fashion demonstrates cultural revolution. Power to the People! Bohemians embrace ethnic fashion with the peasant dress.  Big hoop earrings, earthy tie dye and folksy macrame reflect a generation in revolt.

While the boho trend rages, the disco trend perked up. Slinky synthetic invades the dance floor and office.  On the dance floor,  sexy polyester halter dresses for women. Diane Von Furstenberg gains popularity with her simple wrap dress which makes its debut in the office.

Jewelry was simple and bold with big hoop earrings and chunky bangles.  Tailored with double stitching on the lapels and pockets, leather jackets were never done better! Patchwork leather in earthy colors. Trench coats and car coats were standard 70s attire.

While the work place dictates most of fashion, the dance floor rages with disco looks. In Saturday Night Fever tradition, men wore tight fitting polyester shirts with big lapels. For men, leather jackets had a leisure style. Worn on the street or out to the disco, they project power.

Power to the people generation!

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