60s fashion dared to be free.

Psychedelic prints and daring hemlines rebelled against the proper 50s.  Polyester replaced cotton in clothing.

Mod trends influenced this generation of revolutionaries. The hipster’s attitude took over serious propriety. Hence, 60s fashion emboldened the bohemian with color and whimsy.  Bright neon colors, mini skirts and oversized bangles describe the mod trend. Think Twiggy!

Most important to note, the class of the 50s did not totally disappear. The cocktail dress changed its silhouette from a conventional waist to an empire waist. Big bows, rhinestones and brocades blazened 60s fashion. Jackie Kennedy is its icon.

Woodstock ended the 60s era with an earthy honesty which would carry over into the turbulent 70s. Jeans, t-shirts and macrame characterized the new bohemian.

As a result, Jackie O becomes icon to the 70s.

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