Upcycle Design

Upcycle Design turns something old into something new.

The vigor to recycle and repurpose propels this new design process called UPcycle Design. Driven by environmental awareness, UPcycle is a soulful solution to keeping our planet clean while maintaining impeccable style. The process is genius and it will save our planet.

Found materials come together to create something new and better. Featured designers specialize in this blossoming art form. While old clothing serves as perfect material for this restoration process, other items do as well. In UPcycle jewelry, necklaces originate from discarded beads and findings. Instead of being thrown away and forgotten, artists transform them into a new creation. You will love what they do with things that appear to have no value at all. They come back to life from trash to treasures.

Be part of the positively changing world of fashion and home decor.  Upwards, onwards and full of momentum, UPcycle Design energizes by following three major principles: It’s Art. It’s Green. It’s Healing. These will be your new principles to shop. We call them UPtitudes because they reflect this positive attitude. UPcycle Design powers a new consumer lifestyle that generates joyful healing to ourselves and our planet.

As a result, we will shift to a cleaner tomorrow.

The choice is now UP to you! Get a new #UPtitude.

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