indian textile arts upcycle-the remix vintage fashion

UPcycle: Indian Textile Arts

Indian Textile adorns cotton and silk with opulent beading.

The Indian Textile industry produces billions of fabric sold worldwide. As a result, it is the second highest employer in India and the second largest producer of fiber in the world.

indian textile arts upcycle-the remix vintage fashionTextiles are an ancient art in India. Weaving and spinning go back 4000 years. The ancient Vedic Scriptures even make reference to it.  Most important is the artistic value of the work.  This ancient culture expresses their creativity through their colorful and opulent fabrics. Consequently, it is of no surprise that this beautiful textile with its rich tradition influences western fashion.

During the Industrial Revolution of the late 17th and 18th century, India satisfied Europe's immense craving for cotton. However, this large production came at a price to our environment. One might say that the insatiable demand for cotton began the harmful runoff of dyes and fibers into our environment.  Hence, textile over production begun years ago contributes dramatically to the pollution problems we face today.

What can we do to stop the endless churning of factories and their pollution? Environmentalists say reduce production. One solution to stop the demand of new product is to make use of what is already here. This concept grabs the attention of creative UPcyclers! We say use your creativity to recycle and repurpose existing materials.

Use your creativity to save the planet.

Indian textiles are known for their beauty. Mirror sequins, embroidered animal motifs and intricate bead work define their careful and soulful hand work. For those with a sensitive eye for color and sparkle, these remnants are valued and collected.

Why not use these pieces to refresh old looks?

Look what we did with these purses!

upcycle indian textiles-the remix vintage fashion
UPcycle Design 60s Brocade PLUS Purse

upcycle design indian textile purse-the remix vintage fashion
UPcycle Design Satin Purse "India"


Thread and glue transform a discarded table linen into sparkly accents for evening purses. The satin purse we call "India" shows the symmetrical beauty of Indian bead work reborn. The symmetry of the intricate patterns stand out and layer perfectly onto the bags as if they were there all along.

Indian textile arts upcycle-the remix vintage fashion
Indian Luxury Tablecloth Silk Organza with Beading

Finally, if we value more highly the beautiful textiles that have been discarded, we can generate a brilliant new resource. Turning trash into treasures is what UPcycle Designs is all about.

Join us as we #UPcycle4life

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