60s trends flower power-the remix vintage fashion

60s Trends Before Disco

Hippy and Mod celebrate the sweet 60s.

60s trends flower power-the remix vintage fashionHippy and Mod met with a last gasp of innocence before the 70s synthetic craze and disco noise took over 60s trends.

In the 70s synthetic production dominated the textile industry. Although synthetics like nylon gained prominence during the 40s, a major production shift happened in the 70s. This textile boom ushered in 80s lightning fast fashion and our reliance on Ready To Wear goods. The mall was born. Consequently, the emphasis on synthetics changed the mind set of fashion and shopping forever.

60s trends mod fashion-the remix vintage fashionPre-poly fashion focused on organic fiber.  Sweet nature motifs dominated jewelry and accessories.  While the 60s were marked by turbulence and unrest, the Flower Power generation exuded an iconic sweetness in their jewelry and accessory choices an extension of their hope-filled ideology.

Flower Power, macrame owls and swiss dot cottons dominated mid to late 60s fashion as if nature needed one last celebration. Who can forget the mushroom pin? or the macrame purse?

Let's remember a few of our sweet 60s trends.

Macrame bags

60s trends macrame-the remix vintage fashionLearning to macrame was a summer camp past time. Who didn't learn the half hitch or square knot?  These simple knots created belts and bags with cotton jute and wood beads.

Owl pendants

60s trends owl necklaces-the remix vintage fashionLater on, I learned that owls were powerful images in folklore. But as a child, they were just fun to have hanging on a pendant around your neck. Sparkles were a plus! (And, don't forget the macrame ones...)

Mushroom pins

60s trends mushroom pin-the remix vintage fashionYou know, I think there was a special fascination with this image. I am torn between fairy fantasies and garden gnomes or pure psychotropia. I think a combination of both, it is undeniable that the mushroom decorated many lapels (and kitchens) during this time.

Flower brooches

60s trends flower power pins-the remix vintage fashionFlower pins and brooches go hand and hand with sweet 60s trends. A memory of  playing Twister and watching Laugh In with my family seems to say Flower Power to me. Thank you Goldie Hawn!


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