vintage clothing rappi dress 50s-the remix vintage fashion

Vintage Clothing: Why I Love It

Four Qualities To Make You Love It Too

vintage clothing why I love it-the remix vintage fashion
Me wearing my favorite dress with my husband wearing his favorite Baja Hoodie on vacation in Cancun 2006.

A recent sale of a favorite dress makes me think of why I love vintage clothing. This is my parting goodbye to my favorite dress. Here are four qualities that make me love vintage clothing!

Affordable and size friendly for petites

vintage clothing rappi 50s dress-the remix vintage fashionI started to wear vintage clothing because it captured the styles that I loved that I thought I could never afford. Couture features like perfectly placed peplums, luxurious fabrics and movie star glamour were now accessible to me. Because I am short-waisted and petite, vintage clothing had proportions that fit my petite frame without alterations. And all this on a working girl’s budget. I couldn’t resist!

Je Ne Sais Quoi Quality

vintage clothing rappi 50s dress-the remix vintage fashion
Katya models the dress in a recent photo shoot.

Beyond the practical, vintage clothing has that je ne sais quoi quality that makes it indescribably attractive.  Vintage clothing has a character that I cannot find in new fashion. A depth of character and an integrity emanate from it. The words ‘energy’ or ‘aura’ come to mind. Possibly like magic, the past and its expectation, desire and romance merge to create a new intensity and expression.


vintage clothing 50s rappi dress-the remix vintage fashion
A picture sent to me from the new owner of the dress. "It fits perfectly I love it!" She says

It is Full of Surprises

Take a look at this Rappi cocktail dress. I found this dress in a Baltimore rag mill. It was a keeper and one of my favorites. I wore it to feel extra fabulous. When I found it, it was in perfect shape, sexy strapless bodice, full glamorous skirt and bonus! the zipper worked.   When I embraced that I could never ever fit into this beauty again, I set it free into the torrent of fashion chance. I researched the label.I didn’t know at the time that it was a highly collected designer. SURPRISE! vintage clothing 50s rappi dress-the remix vintage fashionRappi was a couture dress designer of the 1950s. Her name was Sydonia Rappaport Samalman and she passed away in 2002.  Her dresses sold for a high price back in her day and was an outstanding label.

It is Timeless

Finally and most important Vintage Fashion celebrates beauty. By pulling the past into the present it honors beauty's timelessness that intensifies rather than fades. Time and beauty flourish they don't stop. I believe that all the people who owned and loved these items would be so happy to see these items loved again.

I am thrilled to see how it carries on.

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