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Zandra Rhodes 80s Silk Chiffon Gown On the Rocks in Baja

Zhandra Rhodes elevates silk and chiffon to dazzling beauty. Baja California’s Pacific Ocean is an unlikely backdrop to what would be considered ‘city fashion’.  Silk chiffon, dazzling lace– and a little daring– elevate Zandra Rhodes to her magnificence and grace. https://remixvintage.wpengine.com/product/zandra-rhodes-80s-silk-chiffon-and-lace-gown/ Catch this and other NEW ARRIVALS at Remix Vintage Fashion ONLINE.

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Brooches Are Great Gifts

Brooches distinguish any look! Brooches have evolved from practical to pure adornment.  I like to do both.  And most fashion enthusiasts do too.  Our rhinestone brooches* are on sale as part of our “Anything Rhinestone Sale” through December 31st. Treat yourself or a friend to some sparkle. https://remixvintage.wpengine.com/product-category/jewelry/brooches/ *rhinestone brooches only.   For fun, read …

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