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60s Fashion: The Waistline Revolution


Cool, psychedelic, hip or groovy baby, the 60s rebelled against the establishment very much like the flapper generation did. And, 60s fashion showed it in the waistline.

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The yearning for freedom rang as style anthem for both 20s and 60s fashion. The 60s desired to explore, experience and adventure. The flapper simply wanted to play hard. Similar to both was a rebellious unrest. And, this restlessness triggered a shared passion to create a more relaxed way to dress that effected the conventional waistline.

Two waist treatments harked back to the 20s and liberated 60s fashion. One, moved the waist up. And, the other moved it down. They are called the Drop Waist and the Empire Waist.

1) Drop waist.

60s waistlines-the remix vintage fashionThe drop waist does exactly what it suggests.60s fashion dropwaist-the remix vintage fashion It drops the waist to the hips. This style became icon to the flapper. Victorian styles had corseted bodices that inhibited movement. Dancing was a must for the flapper! So, the drop waist was the answer.

This 60s mod Anita Mode Coat displays the drop waist perfectly. Because the focus is around the hips rather than the waist, the torso appears longer. Consequently, it becomes a favorite for petite women and drives mod 60s fashion. While the style is flattering, it is also comfortable. As the model shows off the drop waist with a flirty knee bend, so too does a generation enjoy the impulse of movement afforded by the lowered waist. A throwback to the flapper!


2)Empire waist.

The empire waist made a comeback in the 20s. A flashback favorite, the empire waist has been a fashion standby for centuries dating back to the Greco-Romans. The most significant revival was in the late 18th century with French Empress Josephine. The British brought the popular trend back to England from France. Hence, the French-y pronunciation to the word (em-pee-air). It influenced American fashion later during the flapper movement. Especially relevant, the relaxed style suited a looser social culture. Thus, it suits the 60s generation too.

empire waist 60s fashion-the remix vintage fashionLook at this 60s VANITY FAIR nightgown and its empire waist. The gathered chiffon flows from a cinched high waistline punctuated by a perfect pink satin ribbon. The fitted bodice and high waist appearance creates a loose silhouette eliminating layers of petticoats. Pushing the waist high to just below the bust, the style is perfect for the pear shaped figure. Hence, gains lasting popularity. Right on!

As a result of the search for a comfort, freedom of movement ranks as one of the greatest influences of modern fashion. Revolt came by way of the waistline. The 20s and 60s fashion led the charge.