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The Timeless Style Of ART DECO Fashion

You can’t repeat the past? … Why of course you can.”

F Scott Fitzgerald The GREAT GATSBY

ART DECO fashion enchants us even today.

The rebellious 20s generation inspired a century of art and fashion that still gets our attention.  Upcycle designs-remix vintage fashionHere are the three most cherished things about ART DECO fashion.

1/quality fabrics

First of all, the yummy fabrics!  Luxury Fabrics like velvet, silk and linen dressed this decadent generation like royalty. As a result of WWI, a post war generation of rebellious youth chose to play hard. They said: I love life with every strand of fiber. Hence, their love affair  translated into a fashion world filled with luxury and opulent deco fashion timeless style-remix vintage fashionART DECO fashion was produced before synthetics took over the textile industry. So, ART DECO fashion retained the natural beauty of fabrications. While pearls and rhinestones embellish the bodice of this 50s Sweetheart Dress, volumes of natural linen encircle the skirt. Thus, ART DECO fashion celebrated life with fury! And how it showed, with luxurious fabrics and opulent embellishments.

2/the beauty is in the details

Seamstresses showed off their craft with impeccable detail work. Many artisans brought their expertise from Europe at the turn of the century. These skills upped the quality of craftsmanship in US garments.  This can be seen in tatting, lace making and embroidery to name a few.   Take a look at the cut out lace and embroidery from this Luxurious Velvet Tunic.   Facings were hand picked. art deco fashion timeless style-remix vintage fashionToday, hand picking is a skill offered only by high end designers . However, in the past this was common practice. Can’t you just feel the care that went intart deco fashion timeless style-remix vintage fashiono this garment? Today’s mass production  almost entirely eliminates this personal craftsmanship. Consequently, fashionistas crave the details. And, they find them in ART DECO era vintage clothing.

3/flirty ‘sex appeal’

Modern clothing leaves nothing to the imagination. Ladies, imagination is a very powerful thing! And there is no generation that understood the power of the tease more than the ART DECO era .Remix Vintage Fashion online Flirty, semi-sheer lace as shown in this 20s Silk Velvet dress shows sex appeal in classy subtlety. How can anyone resist a piece of vintage lace peeking out of a hemline? Seamstresses must have winked at each other while producing this dress. How they knew the power of their craft! Perfectly placed details in all the right places make ART DECO fashion a grand expression of flirtatious femininity.

So the past? Please, let’s repeat it! The past is the perfect place to find timeless style that originated in  ART DECO and endures today.

GET ENCHANTED!art deco timeless style-the remix vintage fashion