Mahogany Mink Jacket 60s Garfinkels


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Mahogany Mink Jacket Dark Brown Genuine Fur

mahogany mink jacket 60s Garfinkels-the remix vintage fashionThis Mahogany Mink Jacket with high luster fur demonstrates the style expected of Garfinkels. Clever side pockets, satin lining cording details accentuate this jacket.

mahogany mink jacket 60s Garfinkels-the remix vintage fashionGarfinkels the “most fashionable store in Washington” sat at 14th and F Streets in DC. A high end specialty store, it sold quality designer. Based on the label, the jacket appears to be from the 60s.

The lining stands out with clever hidden interior pockets. Monogrammed Miriam Michael. Two side slits hide on both sides designed to hold a belt. However, no belt exists with this jacket. This style feature along with the sleeve length suggests the age of the jacket to be late 60s possibly early 70s.

The jacket measures flat 22″ Bust, 22″ Waist, 27″ Hips. The sleeves measure 22″ from shoulder to cuff and 15″ from armhole to cuff. The collar measures 5″ at its widest at the back neck and gently tapers. The model is petite and could fit a larger frame very easily. Size friendly swing style.

The overall condition of this jacket is extremely GOOD to EXCELLENT. The fur is soft, the lining looks unworn. An amazing value.

*This jacket has been donated to raise funds for animal rescue in Baja California. Your purchase helps provide spay and neuter clinics to locals to drastically reduce animal overpopulation and the needless despair of street animals.



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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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