Coats bring form to function.

From functional to frivolous, the coat is part of every woman’s closet. Worn to work or to the opera, styles vary. The good news? That means there are lots to choose from. Wool, cashmere, leather and velvet styles translate easily to modern living.

Quality is an indisputable attribute to vintage outer wear. They were made to last. And they surely did! A classic cashmere coat never fades. Double stitching on lapels and pockets highlight leather jackets. Shawl collars and opulent lapels remain sexy and luxurious. Wraps never fail to satisfy with timeless simplicity.

Brocades, glove sleeves and big buttons demonstrate 50s and 60s style. The maxi wrap, a 70’s favorite. Leather coats vary in styles and lengths but continue to attract us.  How they helped us rock in the 80s!

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