Abingdon USA Green Vase Art Pottery


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Abingdon USA Green Vase Large

Known for its Art Deco style, Abingdon USA Green Vase stands out as a perfect example of this distinguished manufacturer.

Abingdon produced art pottery between 1934-1950. However prior to creating art pottery, Abingdon manufactured plumbing fixtures. They shifted to art pottery during the depression.  Glazes included pinks, greens and blues. Most important to their popularity, robust bold designs and sturdy china characterize this exquisite mid-century art pottery. In addition glazes produced resilient glossy finishes.

This large vase measures 10″ H X 7″ W. The top opening measures 7″ round. No chipping or glaze issues. Excellent condition.

Home Decor adds personality to interior spaces.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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