Japan Figurines Art Deco Porcelain Bookend


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Japan figurines demonstrate ART DECO style.

Japan figurines display a mark that says “Made In Japan”. The actual date of this piece is unknown. Yet I am confident, it is ART DECO– possibly pre-war with a guess of the 30s.

Especially relevant, the design hallmark is its simplicity. The choice of colors with the foundation of white porcelain and the figures yellow, pink with black accents makes this piece striking. While its partner is gone the bookend stands alone with great dignity. As a result, the pleasure of owning this piece is highly gratifying!

Most noteworthy, top hats, canes and matching suits create perfect balance and show a possible pre-war fashion stature. The poses and the head gestures of the figures are stunningly balanced; hence, very soothing to look at. As a result, when I look at these figurines, I truly feel they look back.

The glaze on the yellow pant of one of the figures has a minor imperfection in the form of a slight brush of paint. The rest of the glazing appears normal to their style.

No chips. VERY GOOD condition.

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