50s Baltic Amber Egg Yolk Beaded Necklace


The intensity of the color is its marked brilliance. Only this could be created from nature! 50’s “Egg Yolk”Baltic Amber Necklace.

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50s Baltic Amber splendors with intense color. A true marvel of nature!

50s Baltic Amber- like Jet -generates from organic matter that has been fossilized and oxidized over many years . Amber forms from pine resin. The deep color resembles a style of amber called ‘egg yolk amber’ named for its deep yellow-orange color.

baltic amber necklace egg yolk-the remix vintage fashionMost noteworthy, hand knotted beads connects two strands of beads. One strand measures 17″ at the longest outer strand and 16″ on the inner strand. A unique interlocking 1/2″ clasp joins the strands.  Although outwardly appearing uniformed, the beads possess slight inclusions. Hence, this supports the probability of its organic origin. The necklace was a thrill to find.

Because of its quality craftsmanship, it is in VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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