Earrings reveal beauty with varied styles and stones.

From simple clipons to dramatic chandelier styles, earrings dazzle up your outfit.

Crystal, rhinestone and pearls popularize 50s fashion using the iconic clip design. Most noteworthy are the stamps on the back. Some read Japan or Germany.

Furthermore, the demi parure became popular by great jewelry design houses like Hobe, Lisner, Coro and Sarah Coventry. The rise of the set projects the importance of jewelry to styling. Matching sets included earrings with necklaces or bracelets. However, sometimes these sets got separated. Many of them appear in collections like ours.

Big hoops and peace signs identified the 60s hippy. These favorite motifs  reached into the 70s. However, the clipon is no longer the norm. Ear piercing changed the fashion choices of this generation.

Finally, bold 80s jewelry powered this exciting fashion decade. The earring  regained the spotlight as the most dazzling accent. Shine brighter with 80s bling.

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