Bracelets dazzle worn alone or clustered.

Bracelet feel great on your wrist.  More than a watch, bracelets express artfully in multiple gems. Also, crystals and rhinestones stun when set in  filigree.

The 60s revive the bangle bracelet. Designed to be clustered, they came in different colors, varying widths with unique carvings and embellishments. Consequently, materials like lucite and bakelite really suit this bangle trend.

While Crystal beads and semi-precious gemstones sparkle, multi-faceted rhinestones cluster to create dramatic looks. Most noteworthy to costume jewelry, Juliana and Miriam Haskell design for the modern woman.

Ethnic jewelry captivates. Native American Navajo beading and middle eastern cloisonne work are featured. Finally, a very unique jewelry craft brings east and west together. Called Damascene, the craft originates in Spain. 20K gold inlays create dazzling work.

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