90s fashion empowered the understated.

90s fashion emphasized easy, earthy and real. Grunge empowered the understated.  Culture became more conscious of the environment. Consequently with this awareness came simpler fashion.

The Tee shirt. The flannel shirt. Jeans. Casual dressing reflected a desire for a more casual life. Hence, the 90s invented Casual Fridays a day when professionals could dress relaxed to work.

The Gap and Banana Republic targeted this generation of shoppers. Button down shirts, cardigans and leather coats satisfied this decade’s need for ease and accessibility.

In addition designers like Betsey Johnson rose to fame during this decade. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan maintained their presence.

Purse designers like Chanel, YSL and Louis Voutton were greatly popular.  Due to their sensible designs and supreme quality, Coach and Dooney and Bourke,were  90s fashion favorites.

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