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“Castlecliff” Tri-Ring Rhinestone Pendant

A Castlecliff pendant will make any wearer look stunning. Dramatic design.

“L and M” Carpet 3 in 1 Purse with Lucite Handle

The lucite handle and interchangeable exterior cover are two wonderful design features of this 60’s purse.  One of my favorites.

50’s Pearl And Rhinestone Collar

Pearls and Rhinestones make great partners.  Gold mesh collar makes a great necklace, too!

50’s Wool Cardigan with Cherry Motif

The embroidered cherry motif that runs around the neck, down the front and on the sleeve cuff makes this art!  How fun.

60’s Mad Men Tie

“Mad Men” all the way.  Very slender tie representative of the coolness of the ‘sixties.

60’s Mod Gold Purse

This purse screams mod style!

60’s Pearl and RS Belt

Mid ’60’s sparkled and flashed.  Glitz all the way!

70’s Paisley Maxi Gown In Mod Print

Probably from the late 60’s or VERY early 70’s, the paisley print is explosive yet stylish. Purples, lime green and hot pink combine to splash a vibrant print so iconic to the era.

Big “E” Levi Trucker Jacket 44

The famous red Levi tag is identified globally and is an iconic representation of US casual fashion.  A Big “E” Levi jacket is a rage in Europe and Japan.  Wow!