Art Deco

Art Deco Fashion endures with elegance and attitude.

ART DECO fashion enchants us even today. The rebellious 20s generation inspired a century of art and fashion that still gets our attention.

Luxury Fabrics like velvet, silk and linen dressed this decadent generation like royalty.

As a result of WWI, a post war generation of rebellious youth chose to play hard. They said: I love life with every strand of fiber. Hence, their love affair  translated into a fashion world filled with luxury and opulent details. ART DECO fashion was produced before synthetics took over the textile industry.

Flapper dresses and tunics as well as drawstring purses and gorgeous jet jewelry demonstrate timeless style.

Seamstresses showed off their craft with impeccable detail work. Many artisans brought their expertise from Europe at the turn of the century. These skills upped the quality of craftsmanship in US garments.  This can be seen in tatting, lace making and embroidery to name a few.

And there is no generation that understood the power of the tease more than the ART DECO era. Perfectly placed details in all the right places make ART DECO fashion a grand expression of flirtatious femininity.

Over 100 years old, these items get harder and harder to find. We are very proud to offer you a collection of time honored pieces. We are sure that you honor them too!

Rare and beautiful, they are highly sought after.

Check out UPCYCLE Designs. Beautiful Art Deco items that have lost their luster become reborn in this amazing new category.

Creative thinking is always in style!

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