50s fashion projects prosperity with opulent style.

50s  fashion shows the optimism of this era with luxurious fabrics and iconic styles. Prosperity brought a rush of consumerism. As a result, more clothing exist from this era for women, men and the home.

Closets got fuller. Homes more decorated.  Everything got grander! This optimism generates a decade’s full of style to collect and savor.

Women’s dresses ranged from cotton day dresses to embellished evening dresses in velvet and brocade. Highly adorned separates like wool cardigans were 50s style basics.

Shoes, purses and gloves were readily purchased. A woman had a handbag for every social occasion. Gloves were worn during the day too! And not just when it was cold.

Home design exploded during this decade. Kitchy clocks, ceramics and textiles made 50s homes trendy.

As a result, pattern and color influence textiles for fashion too.

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