UPcycle Designs

UPlifting. UPdated. UPcycled. The choice is now UP to you.

UPcycle Designs are a collection of repurposed and restored items that will change the way you shop and live. Independent designers unleash their art know-how to turn trash into treasures. The process is genius. While sensitive and intuitive, these designs are also practical. Using discarded items, found materials emerge in a new and artistic way. Hence, they provide a soulful solution to keep our planet clean while maintaining impeccable style. Experience the process with instructive videos. Find your genius. Contribute to the solution of clean living. Join us while we find our #UPtitude. The choice is now UP to you!

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It is ART

upcycle designs-remix vintage fashion


Upcycle designs-remix vintage fashion


upcycle designs-remix vintage fashion