Lingerie teases with details and lace.

Lingerie from past decades show an attention to detail oftentimes missed in contemporary products. Today, women like to collect vintage slips because the details are so dazzling.

In the 50s the dress was a popular fashion choice. Consequently, the slip was in demand. Gorgeous details like accordian pleats, lace bodices and satin piping accent slips.

Most noteworthy are the pleats at the bottom of nylon slips. The beautiful details peek through a hemline. Also, lace bodices show beautiful details. These details today are opulent to  today’s standards. They were common back in the fifties and sixties.

Emilio Pucci took advantage of the intimate wear fashion craze in the 60s.  He designed fabrics just for intimate apparel. Formfit Rogers is an example of such a design house.

Chinese and Japanese embroidered silk and brocade robes are particularly collectible. Today, they can be used as jackets and coats.

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