Dresses filled womens closets in every decade.

Dresses are common to every decade in fashion history. Popular and culturally accepted, the dress filled womens closets for decades. While the idea of the dress stayed the same, the styles changed.

In the roaring 20s, tunics went to the knee. Consequently, women gained freedom to dance.  The long gown of the Victorian era constricted movement. So this style reflected women’s need for more freedom.

During the 40s, dresses allowed women to simplify their life for work and home. The war effort greatly influenced the styles as fabric was rationed. The A-line skirt became famous.

The 50s loosened up! Full swing skirts were a must from the simpler 40s. Classic cotton day dresses  in novelty fabric designs identified this frolicking woman.

And, who can forget the mini dress of the 60s? The mini dress revolutionized mod dressing. While the mini identified the free and easy 60s, the maxi was the fashion choice in the 70s. Over-the-top glam defined the glitzy 80s.

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