Scarves styled the times.

The function and form of a silk scarf has never changed. Flowing, whimsical, sophisticated they were worn as feminine accents to the decades fashion trends.

Made famous by movie icons, Hollywood used the scarf as a costume prop. Worn around the head in a casual country style, they showed the innocence of the 50s generation. A white long silk scarf looked great with black velvet. Perfect attire for an opera.

The groovy 60s expressed the artistic freedom of the decade. Tye dyed, hand painted, crewel stitched they were whimsical and fun. Into the 70s they were worn as iconic head wear wrapped around the forehead to peace rallies and disco dances.

In the 80s famous designers like Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Oscar De La Renta and Ralph Lauren contribute bright colors and bold patterns. Luxurious silk and satin scarves stand out as this decades fashion trend of choice.

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