Hats set the mood.

Serious. Elegant. Fun. Sporty. They accessorize your look for both men and women. Look for designer milliners in New York and Paris like Lilly Dache and Leslie James. Wool felt, lace netting and satin ribbon accentuate the best of these favorites.

Examine the beret.  Very popular during the roaring twenties, the beret perfectly defined the flapper. The beret remerged again in the 60s and 70s. The groovy hipster conveyed their desire to be free and frivolous. Think about the iconic artist Andy Warhol.

Hand knitted and crocheted designs with sequins and pom-poms are included in our hats collection. The 60s and 70s are famous for the craftiness of these designs. Ski hats and matching mittens. Super sweet!

In the 80s opulent head pieces showed off the boldness of the era.

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