Belts project confidence.

While styles may vary through the decades, the importance of the belt never changes. In leather, satin cord, macrame, chain links or mesh, they accentuate your look.

For example, during the roaring twenties the dropped waist ushered in the hip sash. In the way the lariat necklace casually wrapped around the neck, a chain wrapped around the hips.

The suit envisaged the 40s fashion trend. The waist emphasized the look. This importance carried through the 50s with dainty thin waist belts. These belts were made in the same fabric as the dress and skirt.

The 80s blazed the way! Bold, wide, blingy and abstract, the belt proclaimed the extreme attitude of the generation. Designed in bright colors, large sparkling rhinestones and cabachons highlight as buckles. Girls meet Glam in the 80s!


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