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60’s White Lace Gown AB Rhinestones Mod

This dress carries the innocence of the 60’s verging on the power of the 70’s.  Groovy, feminine and daring all in one!

70’s Paisley Maxi Gown In Mod Print

Probably from the late 60’s or VERY early 70’s, the paisley print is explosive yet stylish. Purples, lime green and hot pink combine to splash a vibrant print so iconic to the era.

Carpet Shoulder Bag Adjustable

Classic 70s, this adjustable shoulder bag the tidy 60s and the more groovy 70s.  My Personal favorite.

Macrame Purse With Wood Handles

Macrame was a summer craft project during the 70s.  BOHO.GROOVY.

Peasant Dress Made in Guatemala

Easy and free, this peasant dress represents the ideals of the 70’s hip culture.