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20’s-30’s ART DECO Formal Beaded Belt Loop Purse

Dainty and feminine, this ART DECO beaded purse has understated charm.

40’s Beaded Purse France ED B Robinson

The combination of filigree and bead work on the clasp and opening emanates strength and beauty. A wonderful example of FORTIES design and craftsmanship. Made in FRANCE.

50’s Beaded Box Purse with Wide Beaded Handle

Stylish beaded bags didn’t always mean evening. This beaded purse with a wide beaded handle could have been classy day wear with the proper suit or outfit.

50’s Beaded Purse Walborg Made in Belgium

The detail work and quality satisfied a generation of women who reveled in the beauty of fashion and elegance. WALBORG Made by hand in Belgium. Perfect!

50’s White Beaded Clutch

Simple style and class! Rows of white beads encrust this purse giving it all it needs for perfect elegance. Gotta have it!

France Blue Beaded Purse Art Deco

“Made in France” is a symbol of quality in beading. A  guarantee of both style and craftsmanship. ART DECO.