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80’s Huge Colorful Rhinestone Filigree Earrings Paris

Over-the-top, huge round filigree earrings with colors from the rainbow in stunning rhinestones say “Here I am!”.

80’s Silver Encrusted Oversize Clip Earrings Signed Richard Kerr

The drama and brilliance of these earrings by Richard Kerr will dazzle. So very 80’s!

80’s Spectacular Geometric Mod Designer Glitz Earrings

The 80’s were all about GLAM. Sparkle on with style and class!

90’s “Barrera For Avon” Mayan Dangle Clip Earrings

Bold 90’s goldtone dangle earrings in Mayan motif look powerful and dramatic.

AB Rhinestone 60’s Screwback Earrings

Stunning shades of pink, yellow and blue sparkle from these classic styled rhinestone adjustable clip earrings.

Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Brooch

This brooch sparkles with every color! The ‘Aurora Borealis’ accent gives it the brilliance that you’ll love.

Black and Clear Cabochon and Rhinestone Earrings
5.00$ 0.50$

80’s classic earrings in black cabochon and clear rhinestones. Rich.

Black Jet Necklace

Black jet necklace is a simply perfect look any time.

Blue and Green Crystal Clip Earrings

Opulent color and sparkle in crystal and pave set rhinestone clip earrings.