Suede Patchwork Belt Red Blue Tan 70s 80s


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Suede Patchwork Belt Multi Colors 70s Style

patchwork suede belt 70s leather street style-the remix vintage fashionSuede Patchwork Belt in vibrant colors displays 70s fashion sensibility. Reflective of 70s street fashion, the suede patchwork interprets the power of leather accessories in a colorful manner.

The brushed pewter buckle measures 3″ in diameter. The belt construction presents a sash feel. No prong or holes. Rather, a simple wrap style fits up to a 32″ waist/hip comfortably.

patchwork suede belt 70s leather street style-the remix vintage fashionZig Zag stitching attaches the suede. The edge holds a cording that has unravelled on the end. In my estimation, an imperfection that does not detract from its fashion appeal. Sold AS IS. (Examine the picture to the right to observe the cord edging.)

70s fashion rages with revolution.

70s fashion demonstrates cultural revolution. Power to the People! Bohemians embrace ethnic fashion with the peasant dress.  Big hoop earrings, earthy tie dye and folksy macrame reflect a generation in revolt.  Tailored with double stitching on the lapels and pockets, leather jackets were never done better! Patchwork leather in earthy colors. Trench coats and car coats were standard 70s attire.

Power to the people generation. Empower your wardrobe with some authentic 70s styles. Belts. Leather Jackets for men and women.

Our 70s collection projects leather street style.

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