UPcycle Design 50s AB Crystal Choker


There is nothing more dramatic than the sparkle of AB crystal against your skin. Versatility is one of its amazing qualities. AB crystal is an outstanding jewelry source. DORIS P. EAGLE UPcycle Design

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Crystal choker transforms vintage jewelry parts to create this new piece.

UPlifting. UPdated. The choice is now UP to You!

upcycle design crystal ab choker sequin jacket-the remix vintage fashionCrystal choker is dramatic! The sparkle of AB crystal against your skin radiates elegance. AB is an abbreviation for aurora borealis— a special finish produced by Swarovski Co. in the 50s to make crystal more radiant.

Most of all is crystal’s versatility. Worn casually with a T shirt and jeans or formally to accentuate velvet, AB crystal stuns an outstanding jewelry source. Checkout our collection.

This choker is designed from 50s jewelry components by UPCYCLE designer Doris P. Eagle. The whimsical movement of the featured front cluster ‘pendant’ is emblematic of this designer. The clasp in the back is also a custom feature.

It measures 14″ around. Three rows of beads measures 1″ wide. The front custom designed cluster is 4″ long.

Newly UPCYCLED and never worn. As a result it is in EXCELLENT condition.

Checkout our necklace collection.

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 1 in


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