Black Velvet Sport Coat Blazer Jacket 38R


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Black Velvet Sport Coat Plushy Style

black velvet sport coat jacket-the remix vintage fashionVelvet makes a comeback for men. Black Velvet Sport Coat with slim fit and knife pleats commands attention during the day or evening. The velvet jacket “hail(s) as the season’s answer to texture” writes fashion editor Benjamin Fitzgerald.

black velvet sport coat jacket-the remix vintage fashionThe black velvet looks outstanding from the outside. However, the jacket is also beautiful on the inside. Classic blue and green plaid lines the jacket with a traditional blue white oxford stripe lining the sleeves. (Polyester synthetic) Outstanding detail calls out with matching piping along the edge of the lining. (see pic) Caught between preppy and posh, this jacket proves its versatility with convenient front flap pockets and sporty two button closure.

Flat the jacket measures 20″ across the chest. The sleeves measure 14″ inner/ 24″ outer seams. The shoulder measure 17″ across. The label reads 38R. Designed by Melrose.

Excellent condition with no wear. Dry cleaned.


Our Mens Collection satisfies decade shoppers.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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