Black Beaded Sweater Stephen Chu Hong Kong 38


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Exquisite detail with gold and silver beads adorn this classic 50s wool black beaded sweater by Stephen Chu Hong Kong. Medium 38.

Swirls of hand sewn beads encircle the neck along the back and front. Small adornments embellish the sleeves at cuff. Black silk lines the inside. The label reads Stephen Chu Beaded Sweater Factory Hong Kong .

Hooks and eyes close the front. However, the hooks have been removed from the sweater leaving only the eyes. They would need to be replaced to complete the front closure. The sweater retains its beauty and versatility even without the closure.

Flat the sweater measures 19″ from armhole to armhole and would fit a 38. The measurements decrease to 18″ ending at 16″ at the ribbed bottom or waist. The sleeves measure 21″ outside/ 15″ inner seam.

Sold AS IS.

No moth holes or bead loss. Excellent condition.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 3 in


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