just how much is the vintage fashion industry worth-the remix vintage fashion

Just How Much is the Vintage Fashion Industry Worth?

Vintage Fashion Always In Style

The rules of fashion are always evolving and rapidly at that. There used to only be four fashion seasons in a year, dictated by changing weather patterns, but now there are fifty-two. These micro-seasons correspond with every passing week and are made possible by the fast fashion industry. The only thing you can rely on when it comes to clothing is that vintage never goes out of style.

In an era of social media and influencers, individuality can easily get lost. One of the downsides of fast fashion is that everyone ends up wearing the same thing. It’s easy to understand why secondhand clothing is rising to fame. Vintage fashion showcases a unique personality and style that you will rarely see on anyone else.

“What are you wearing?”

The power of celebrities is that they can easily start a trend with a single appearance. Yes, many trends that have come and gone have been copped from a piece of clothing worn by the Kardashians of the world. However, many of them are also using their platform to promote vintage clothing. In fact, The Remix featured some of Hollywood’s biggest names who have worn secondhand or vintage-inspired ensembles at important events such as the Academy Awards. When ‘What are you wearing?’ is the most commonly asked question at those gatherings, to say that it’s a secondhand piece from a different era can be huge for the vintage fashion industry.

It’s not just the humble thrift store where you can go diving for vintage clothing that will elevate your wardrobe. Bloomberg details that there are luxury stores complete with elegant interiors that sell, specifically vintage items. This is where you’ll find coveted Chanel clothes or Birkin bags that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the clientele is, of course, high-end.

Vintage Fashion Industry Booms

Because of this recent boom, vintage fashion stores have had to up their game. Fashionista reported that the resale industry is worth $18 billion and is expected to increase by $15 billion in the next two years. Online stores are experiencing a massive influx of orders when it comes to secondhand clothing while physical stores have had to compete with retail tech innovations. The secret, according to vintage store owner Gerard Maione, is curation. “It’s not just a secondhand store or a bunch of designer stuff on the racks. Every single piece is selected as the best of the best in the world.” If a Chanel purse doesn’t fit well with a collection, it simply has to go.

just how much is the vintage fashion industry worth-the remix vintage fashion

At the end of the day, not everybody can afford this kind of clothing. That’s where fast fashion comes into play. It draws a lot of inspiration from trends including the rise of vintage clothing. Retro designs are back and taking over couture – just look back at last year’s Oscars and Emma Roberts’ amazing outfit, all the way to the streetwear we see dominating the mainstream right now.

Fast Fashion and Vintage Sportswear

Athleisure brands like Fila and Champion, whose popularity fizzled out in the 90s, according to an article by Drapers, are gaining popularity among young consumers again. The designs definitely bring a wave of nostalgia for those simple times when everybody sported chunky shoes and Adidas tracksuits. But while the look is vintage, the fabrics and technology are not necessarily outdated. Kappa, a sportswear brand known for creating outfits for Olympic athletes in the 80s, suggests that it’s about ‘looking ahead as far as possible’. They signed with professional British football teams to create their kits. To do this, they use fabrics with features, such as odor control, that weren’t around 20 years ago. An article by Coral on sports clothing, adds that modern sports jerseys are made with moisture-wicking fabrics that quickly dries sweat so that it doesn’t become sticky or heavy. These have definitely become essential to modern sportswear, and also breathed some innovation into certain vintage sports kits we see on the market.

One-of-a-kind shoppers love Vintage Fashion

When it comes to specialized clothing, like athletic wear, modern versions with newer tech may have the advantage over vintage; but there are always retro designs to keep up with the trend.

As for couture and high fashion pieces, you can always count on vintage outlets to find a one-of-a-kind piece that nobody else will have. And with the demand the way it is right now, it will only get better for vintage fashion hunters.

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