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Whiting and Davis Mesh Belt

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Slinky. Swanky. Shiny. Whiting and Davis mesh belt exemplifies a fast and energetic time in 70’s fashion. It commands the dance floor…

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Mesh by Whiting and Davis is a favorite of mine. I love the slinky and shiny quality of the metal and how it offers a gentle texture in a way that you would not expect.

Iconic in the disco 70’s, mesh accessories and jewelry were fun accents to a flashy and energetic time in fashion.

This belt is a rare find.

The gold colored mesh is 3″ wide and 20″ long. It tapers to a gold leather strap on either side meant for wrapping and tying. It is shown as a hip belt but can also be worn on the waist. Comes with its original wrapping which reads: “Whiting and Davis”. Metal is in excellent condition as well as the leather strap. Looks barely worn.


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